Carnivorous Plants

Feel free to browse all of our carnivorous plants! If we don’t have a plant available that you’re looking for, send us an email at or fill out the form on the Contact page. We likely can either propagate or acquire it for you.

Interested in ordering?

  • Simply go to the Contact page and inquire about placing an order. We will promptly contact you about plant availability and shipping costs or other arrangements.
  • Our nursery is currently not open to the public but we can provide local viewings.
  • Thanks for supporting a small Idaho business!

How do our plants come?

  • Most of our plants come fully potted and established in square 3″ or 4″ pots and ready for your home. Larger north american pitcher plants may come in up to 6″ pots, ensuring plenty of room for your plant to happily grow.
  • If you have any questions about the care of your plant, visit the Plant Care pages.
  • A typical 3 inch pot with a Drosera nidiformis:


How do we grow our plants?

  • Nearly all of our plants are grown locally from either seed or vegetative propagation techniques such as leaf and stem cuttings.
  • We take pride in growing our plants in a sustainable fashion.